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[ BBMak-Babes of a Certain Order ]

The BBMAK Base

Entertainmenteen BBMak, Britney Spears' hot new opening act, is made up of three of the cutest guys you'll ever want to see. Stephen McNally, Mark Barry and Christian Burns are all talented babes--in every sense of the word. What are they like? Stephen, known to his friends as Ste (pronounced stee), says, "I'm happy, fun loving and shy." Meanwhile, Christian describes Ste as "deep," while Mark says Ste's a "homebody." As for Christian, he says he's "fun and not overly serious," while Ste describes him as "messy" and Mark thinks Christian's "outgoing." Mark says, "I think I'm caring, funny, romantic and musical." Christian and Ste, on the other hand, describe Mark as "clean." You know--a real picker upper. Confused? Still don't have a handle on pop's newest trio? Here's a tip: many researchers believe birth order--oldest, middle, youngest- has a rather consistent influence on an individual's personality. Well it just so happens that all three members of BBMak are the babies in their families. Ste's got two older bros (Tommy and Mike), Christian has two older sisters (Louise and Karen) and Mark grew up with an older brother (Daniel) and sister (Lisa). Here's what the babes are really like... Enjoy The Limelight: True enough. Ste, Christian and Mark love performing. As Christian puts it, "..When we're doing gigs in front of thousands of people in Japan or the other end of the world...and they're singing along to songs we wrote in our bedroom at home in England, it's, like, really surreal." Be Rebellious: Mark once bungee jumped in Cyprus and Ste went through a heavy metal stage. Be Charming: Their beautiful English accents and flirtatious ways will melt your heart. Be Creative: The talented singers also penned seven songs on their album. Be Outgoing: BBMak borrowed money from their folks to record a demo, had a photographer friend take photos of them to send to record companies and serenaded the staff of each and every record company to which they'd sent their tape. Of the experience, Christian says, "We got moved from security a few times, but we didn't give up..." Now that's outgoing. Not To Be Taken Very Seriously: Ste, Mark and Christian have learned many lessons and have overcome this particular trait. These days, the entire planet is taking them seriously as they fine people and performers they are. Be Affectionate: The first time you meet these sweeties, they'll give you a hug. They really appreciate their fans. Be Carefree: While they're not the world's biggest worry warts, these guys take their jobs as role models very seriously. Be The Family Clown: These guys are fun to be around and they're always laughing. They like to play--you won't want to miss them in concert. Back To Mags Back Home