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[ September 29, 2000 ]

The BBMAK Base iturfmoderator: Welcome everyone to the BBMak chat! Mark and Christian are here of BBMak are with us today for a live chat. Okay, let's get the interview started! iturfbbmak: Mark: A big hello to all the fans, and we hope you are all very well! And we hope we can answer all your questions! bettybleu asks: What's the weirdest gift you ever got from a fan? iturfbbmak: Mark: I think for me and Christian, when we were in Japan doing a big tour, these fans got us a jewelry box, and it played our single, a really pretty sound. glittergrrl asks: What's your favorite color? iturfbbmak: Mark: I've got various colors I like blue, red, ivory... iturfbbmak: Christian: I think I like green and blue. iturfbbmak: Mark: I like red and black. iturfbbmak: Christian: That's not a color! bbmaksonourside asks: What person or group inspires you the most? iturfbbmak: Christian: for me it was the Beatles, when I was younger, to start singing and playing guitar... iturfbbmak: Mark: My very first influences were the Jackson 5, and the biggest influence has to be Stevie Wonder. iturfbbmak: But I was always singing Jackson 5 around the house when I was seven or eight. bbmaksonourside asks: Do you guys have girlfriends? iturfbbmak: No! iturfbbmak: We don't have time, we're too busy, it wouldn't be fair to the girl at this stage. bbmaksonourside asks: What magazine cover do you want the most? iturfbbmak: Mark: GQ was it? iturfmoderator: was that fun? iturfbbmak: No, it was Sixteen, that was our first big cover. It was great. iturfbbmak: Christian: Lots of airbrushing! iturfbbmak: We were very tired that day. bbmaksonourside asks: What three words describe each of you best? iturfbbmak: Individually? Christian: I'd say funny, perverted, no, positive, easy going, and inquisitive. iturfbbmak: Mark: Caring, iturfbbmak: Christian: Staring.... iturfbbmak: Mark: Musical, fun, outgoing. bbmaksonourside asks: What is the main genre of music you listen to? iturfbbmak: Christian: I listen to all sorts, classical to rock to pop; I don't have a favorite really. iturfbbmak: Mark: Me as well, classical, but I prefer soul, R and B. tizzy21_2002 asks: hey guys, who are your biggest inspirations and why? iturfbbmak: Mark: My family and friends. iturfmoderator: why? iturfbbmak: Christian: Same for me. In the beginning, they pushed us, when we had nothing they stood by us... iturfbbmak: Mark: My mom and dad are divorced, my mom has three kids, it wasn't easy when we were younger, but now we're turning the tables and taking care of them, it's nice. iturfbbmak: Christian: I don't know... bbmaksonourside asks: Have you had any weird confrontations with your fans? iturfbbmak: Mark: We went out for a meal with our record company in Japan, JVC. iturfbbmak: We came back at about 2:00 AM, I was inside my room at the hotel, and I looked out my keyhole, and they were shoving things under our door! iturfbbmak: They were notes, and said, we are staying two rooms down from you, call us or we'll kill you! We mean it! iturfbbmak: I'm not joking! iturfbbmak: The next morning I saw them walking past their room and they said, we're only joking! bbmaksonourside asks: What is your favorite city you have visited so far? iturfbbmak: Christian: I think my favorite city was probably Miami, we had a lot of fun down there, with the beaches...but each city has something... iturfbbmak: Mark: I'd say for me, like Christian, they all have their own qualities, but I'd say its LA, it's laid back and puts a smile on your face. socalbeachgirl_99 asks: How did you come up with the name BBMak? iturfbbmak: Christian: Steve came up with the name... iturfbbmak: It's our last names... Barry, Burns and McNally. kelstar579 asks: How was your experience working with ALL MY CHILDREN? Is acting something you'd ever be interested in? iturfbbmak: Christian: It was really good fun, we watched it again yesterday, we enjoyed it. iturfbbmak: I think maybe in the future, but we are concentrating on the music, and we're all not very good acting...!!! so_fabu99 asks: Do you all make any effort to meet at least a few fans at every show? iturfbbmak: Christian: Definitely, we always try to connect with the fans, on stage, and whenever we can we do meet and greets, we try to meet as many as we can. bbmaksonourside asks: What thing would you like to accomplish most in your career? iturfbbmak: Mark: Just you know worldwide success, we'd like to do our own world tour. And then happiness. felicity_shagwell_08 asks: What is one quality that your future spouse MUST have? iturfbbmak: Christian: Someone who is fun and doesn't take life too serious. (Mark too!) ckbr2hot4u asks: Hey what is the best part of traveling for concerts? iturfbbmak: Mark: Just seeing the states and the different cultures of America. iturfbbmak: We've actually been on 120 flights this year! iturfbbmak: We've seen more of a America than most Americans. iturfbbmak: That's a lot of plane food! bbmakdiva asks: What has your most embarrassing moment as a performer been? iturfbbmak: Mark: There's been a few embarrassing moments in our career so far. iturfbbmak: We were doing a Britney spears gig, Christian was introducing the next song, which was supposed to be "I'm Not In Love." iturfbbmak: But instead of that, a different song came on. We always sing to live music, but at the Britney shows we had to sing to track. And the track to "I Can Tell" came on instead. iturfbbmak: That was embarrassing. iturfbbmak:v But you always get the odd microphone that hits you in the face when you turn around. iturfbbmak: Things like that. nsyncbabe1287 asks: What advice would you give to someone trying to start a solo career? iturfbbmak: Mark: Whatever dream you've got, stay positive, if you want something bad enough, you'll get it in the end. crystalh_24 asks: i want to you have girlfriends.. and do you date fans? iturfbbmak: Christian: We'll date anyone!! If you meet someone and like her, and she's old enough, I don't see anything wrong with that. iturfbbmak: Mark: They've got to be legal! jrt_blue00 asks: hey boys!! who's crazier....the european fans or the us fans??? iturfbbmak: Both: US fans, in a good way, they know how to have a good time. iturfbbmak: Christian: You notice if they really get into it, and the banners and stuff.... felicity_shagwell_08 asks: What is your best childhood memory? iturfbbmak: Christian: Christmas time, I used to love Christmas it was a special time of the year for me, I have very fond memories. iturfbbmak: Mark: As well as Christmas, I used to do a lot of outdoor activities with my father with me dad when I was younger, like fishing out in the wild, it was really good. iturfmoderator: what kind of fish would you catch? iturfbbmak: We used to catch sea trout, brown trout, salmon.... iturfbbmak: They were really good times.... enote77 asks: How is BAZ 21 holding up with stardom....Late nights, drugs, sex, chicks..The life of a rockstar iturfbbmak: Mark: Very, very easy....It helped that when we got together as a band we had nothing, we had no money at all for two years. iturfbbmak: But now that we've worked our way up the ladder it makes us appreciate the good times we're having now. iturfbbmak: And stardom has not and will never go to our heads. We want to make the most of our career. jesper_m_18 asks: What was it like being on tour with Britney Spears? iturfbbmak: Christian: It was great, so many people, sold out tour, a great experience... felicity_shagwell_08 asks: What is one of the weirdest questions you've been asked? iturfbbmak: Both: What's your favorite colored carpet!?!? sugababie32 asks: If each of you could be a fruit what fruit would you be and why? iturfbbmak: Mark: I'd be a date cause I like dates! iturfbbmak: Christian: Mark would be a pear cause he likes a good pair! missmod17 asks: Hey Mark, Christian, and Ste, What type of animal best represents each of you? Thanks! iturfbbmak: Mark: I'd be a tiger. iturfbbmak: Christian: I'd be an elephant.... bbmakdiva asks: Chrissy...Mark, do you plan on incorporating more of the penny whistle and the bagpipes into the next album? iturfbbmak: Mark: There are no plans as yet, but something is going to need....maybe yes, if not on the album, then live in the BBMak show. quarterhorse_3000 asks: what would you guys have been doing if you were not destined for the music business? iturfbbmak: Mark: Before I met the lads I was actually training to be a firemen. So I'd be putting out fires now. So if any of our fans need their fires put out.....or need rescuing from a fire, I'll put you over my shoulder and rescue you all! soweirdgirl2000 asks: Hey guyz, I have tickets to your show in Boston on Mark's Birthday, will you guys do a meet & greet or autograph signings?? iturfbbmak: Mark: My birthday is Oct 26....we don't know, we may be having a small meet and greet... iturfbbmak: Christian: It's going to be released to radio on Oct 24...It's called "Still On Your Side." soweirdgirl2000 asks: what is your favorite song to perform? iturfbbmak: Christian: "Back Here" and "Unpredictable".... skyfromgermany asks: What I always wanted to ask: Do you guys have any hidden tattoos or piercings? iturfbbmak: Christian: None of us actually have any tattoos or piercings. januarysgarnetcharm asks: If you guys were in my position, talking to one of your favorite artists, who would it be and what questions would you ask? iturfbbmak: Mark: I'd love to have a conversation with Stevie Wonder, I'd ask how he writes his songs, and what inspires him to write. iturfbbmak: And how many songs he's actually written and recorded...And could I have a copy of them! iturfbbmak: Christian: I'd like to speak to Paul McCartney and ask him what it was like in the Beatles. iturfbbmak: Both: Thanks for your warm support, hopefully we'll see you at one of our live shows on our own tour. Lots and lots of love and kisses from BBMak! iturfmoderator: Thanks everyone for coming to the chat! iturfmoderator: Thanks and see you at ! iturfmoderator: And a special thanks for hanging in and waiting for the band to arrive iturfmoderator: If you were wondering about Ste, he was busy doing a sound check and couldn't come in to chat. iturfmoderator: Thanks again everyone! Back To Chat Back Home