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[ September 28, 2000 ]

The BBMAK Base

BBMak Visits 'All My Children' Today

By Jason Gelman for LAUNCH.COM Today (September 28) British trio BBMak perform in the fictional town of Pine Valley on the ABC daytime-television drama All My Children. Singer Mark Barry gave LAUNCH the scoop about the group's performance, which will serve as the introduction to the band's second single, titled "Still On Your Side," from its album Sooner Or Later. "In the first scene, Christian actually went on All My Children. He had an acting role on it. The second time, we all had a part in it," Barry said. "I mean, I had one line to say and it was just, 'Yeah, congratulations,' and that was it. But we all got a part to say on it, and we got a chance to perform 'Still On Your Side' at the S.O.S. bar, so it was really good." Barry and groupmates Christian Burns and Ste McNally have watched plenty of soap operas in the U.K., but this is the first time they've actually appeared on one. "We've watched a lot of soaps back in England like Neighbours and Home And Away, and it's just mad being on the set trying acting with a cardboard background, but it was really good. It was really good for us guys--great exposure." BBMak kicks off a headlining tour October 25 in New York City, and will perform at the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 23. Back To News Back Home