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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

The BBMAK Base

When was your site created? I started the BBMak Base on October 25th, 2000, originally planning to call it BBMak Attack, but of course, someone had taken that name. Do you have other sites? I have an *N Sync site called *N Sync *N Style. Have you been to any concerts? I went to the October 24th BBMak concert in Philly, which was the first date for their Sooner Or Later tour. It was fabulous! I've also been to 2 *N Sync concerts (November 28th '98 and July 21st '00) and a 98 Degrees concert (August 18th, '99). Have you ever met BBMak? Nope...a girl can dream though, right? Why can't I right click? Ahh, hehe this is a tool I learned from Once you are there, click "digital," then "webpage 911." Back To Web Back Home